Adidas Defender Backpack
(2023 Guide)

The dependable Adidas Defender Backpack is loaded with all the features you need to keep up with your busy schedule on the go. Sneakers and wet clothing are separated from books and binders in a vented compartment. Additionally, the dual side pockets are ideal for storing water bottles.


Adidas Defender Backpack

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Multipurpose Adidas Soccer Bag

From Adidas, the Defender Backpack has everything you need to handle a busy schedule of soccer, gym, school, and work. Wet shoes or dirty clothing are kept away from books and documents in a ventilated chamber.

For quick and easy convenience, water bottles may be stored in the side pockets. As part of Adidas’ mission to eliminate plastic waste, the Adidas Defender is made of recycled materials.

Importantly, the Adidas Defender has a wipable exterior that can be easily cleaned with soap and water after use. Furthermore, attaching other small things to the bag is made possible by the inclusion of an external D-ring.

Whether you’re going to soccer practice, the gym, or class, you’ll have everything you need with this versatile backpack.

Size: 19.5" x 11" x 8.5"

Material: Recycled Polyester

Laptop Sleeve: Yes

Water Bottle Pockets: Two

Shoe Compartment: Ventilated

Warranty: Lifetime



The convenient D-ring attachment point on the exterior of the bag makes it simple to attach overflow soccer gear.


The outer shell of the backpack can be easily wiped down with soap and water, so it's always looking its best.


Whether you're doing errands or attending classes, the versatile Defender has you covered with multiple compartments.


Sneakers and clothes are separated from books and papers in a vented compartment to prevent moisture from leaking.

Adidas Defender Backpack

Adidas Defender: Summary

  • Versatile Design

    You can rely on the Defender Backpack to keep up with your hectic schedule while on the run.

  • Easy to Clean

    The exterior of the backpack is wipeable and can be spot cleaned with soap and water.

  • External Gear Attachment

    The presence of an exterior gear loop allows for the attachment of other small items to the bag.

  • Laundry Compartment

    In a ventilated compartment, sneakers and damp apparel are kept apart from books and binders.

  • Sustainable Design

    The Adidas Defender is created from recycled materials as part of the company's effort to reduce plastic waste.


"The reliable Adidas Defender Backpack is equipped with everything you need to keep up with a hectic schedule. Wet shoes and laundry are kept apart from books and papers in a ventilated pocket to avoid moisture leakage. Water bottles may be placed in the side pockets for fast and easy access. The practical D-ring also makes it easy to connect additional items to the outside of the bag. Lastly, the Defender Backpack has a washable shell exterior that can be cleaned with detergent and water."


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