Briggs & Riley Delve Large Rolltop Backpack
(2023 Guide)

For fast airport screening, the Briggs & Riley Delve Large Rolltop Backpack has open compartments and pockets to hold your laptop and other necessities like a charging cable. A hard-wearing woven polyester exterior improves the pack’s resistance to damage.


Briggs & Riley Delve Large Rolltop Backpack
as of April 16, 2024 6:21 am

Stylish Rolltop Backpack

When you use the Briggs & Riley Delve Rolltop, there’s enough room to store just about everything you want to take with you on that next trip, no matter where your travels take you.

When it comes to organization, this backpack’s rolltop design has you covered. It has compartments for a laptop, a charging cable, and other necessities, as well as easily accessible pockets for convenient airport screening.

Featuring maximum expandability with a slim profile, it’s the perfect solution for keeping everything neatly tucked away without adding unnecessary weight.

Importantly, the PVC-coated body fabric protects the exterior of the backpack. This helps to ensure that the pack will resist wear and tear and keep its shape regardless of just about anything that gets thrown at it.

Lastly, the shoulder straps and back panel of the Delve Rolltop Backpack feature cushioned air mesh support, which ensures a breathable fit and excellent carrying comfort.

Size: 19" x 12.5" x 8.5" (35 L)

Material: Woven Polyester

Laptop Sleeve: Yes

Tablet Sleeve: Yes

Back Panel: Air Mesh

Luggage Compatible: Yes



The backpack's slip-through rear panel slides over baggage handles for smooth movement of both pieces as one.


Easy access to the spacious interior and cushioned compartment that can securely hold a 17" laptop and 11" tablet.


The roomy main compartment can carry a large quantity of supplies and then roll back down to size when not in use.


Air mesh back and shoulder padding offers a breathable fit and excellent comfort for carrying books and binders.

Briggs & Riley Delve Large Rolltop Backpack

Briggs & Riley Delve Large Rolltop: Summary

  • Fast Airport Screening

    The bag offers open sections and pockets to accommodate your laptop and other essentials including a charging cord for quick airport screening.

  • Expandable Profile

    With maximum expandability and a small profile, the Delve is ideal for neatly storing everything without adding excess weight.

  • Breathable Carrying Support

    Cushioned air mesh support on the shoulder straps and back panel ensures a breathable fit and exceptional carrying comfort.

  • Multiple Accessory Pockets

    A laptop, a charging cord, and other essentials may be stored in the bag's conveniently accessible utility pockets.

  • Durable Exterior

    The PVC-coated body fabric, which is an important feature, protects the backpack's outside.


"It doesn't matter where you go, the Briggs & Riley Delve Large Rolltop Backpack offers more than enough space to bring just about everything with you. Among the many features of this bag are pockets for a laptop, a charging cord and other essentials, as well as open pockets for quick airport screening. The backpack's exterior is protected by the PVC-coated body fabric. This increases the pack's ability to withstand damage and maintain its form under extreme conditions."


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